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  • 娱乐场所的高考英语作文


    universal studio is the place where films are made by using high techniques. in "back to the futuren, we rode the super light speed car into the time tunnel, passing through many clashes and dangers, flying over the surface of stars and encountering a lot of dinosaurs. we were shakened by the dinosaur and then engulfed by him in one swallow. it was fun. and i screamed in fear.

    "e. t","jaws","earthquake", and "terminator" are all such films made by hi-tech. we rode with et into space and saw ets family. we came across a big white shark. the tank eploded and flames of fire spread on the surface of the water. the film is made in such an easy way.the carthquake is made really true to life. the earth shakes and the subways are distorted, the ground sinks and water pipes break. the wires catch fire and the flood rushes in. it is amusing."terminator" puts you into a mied fight in science fiction. all wore so fightened. they sereamed. i shrank under the chair. wearing the three-dimensional glasses, i saw everything clearly and true to life and got even more frightened by the laser guns, the smoke, the fogete.

    hi-tech in the united states is very advanced, this is not an ordinary playground. it has many elements of science.

    the in 红岩读后感 穆斯林的葬礼读后感 红色经典读后感
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