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    a new park for children has been set up to welcome the coming of childrens day,

    the park is in the south of our city, covering an area of 500 mu. entering the park you can see statues of children in different races, hand in hand,which is the symbol of the world peace. in the middle is a lake, around which are all kinds of trees and flowers. there are many boats on the take and some children are boating happily, to the south of the lake is a hill with a lot of monkeys on it. the childrens pa]ace lies to the east, in which all kinds of ehibitions are on show. to the west of the lake is a place for children to play, where there are many recreational facilities.

    im sure the children in our city will have a happy festival this year.

    the in 创业史读后感 写读后感的作文 昆虫记圣甲虫读后感
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