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  • 高考英语作文预测及范文



    Everyone has his own dream. My dream is to become ________. I think it is not for myself or my family but for all human beings. _________ are specialists/ experts who are keen on _____ and ________. It is of great significance to be one of them and devote my time and energy to the cause of ________. I really hope that I can do something to ___________.

    Certainly, to be _________, I must have a better understanding of _______. For instance, I must have some basic knowledge of the ______, which are closely related to the ______. Besides, I will do what I can to arouse as many people’s ______ as possible so as to gain more support. From now on, I will make preparations for the future in order to realize my dream.

    the 西游记的读后感 in 乌塔的读后感 朝花夕拾读后感50

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