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    The sixth of August was my mothers birthday. My father and I wanted to give her surprising birthday presents.On their mothersbirthday,I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with housework;others are going to the shop and buy some flowers for their mothers.

    In the morning, my father and I went shopping and bought a very nice cake.Then we went to the market and bought some food.When we got home,my father cooked some nice food in the kitchen.I went to my room to make a birthday card.I wanted to say to my mother that I loved her very much.Then I wrote in the card,I love you,my dear mother!I put it on her pillow,then we cleaned the room.We felt very tired,but we were very happy.

    My mother got home.We said,Happy Birthday!My mother smiled.We had our supper together.My mother said,Thank you, my daughter!

    How happy we were!

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